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Dongguan FreeOne Precision Mould Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the Shenzhen Yong Jun Xing Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary. The company was founded in June 1, 2008, ten years, our company has been dedicated, dedicated to PC mobile phone protective sleeve, TPU mobile phone protective cover, protective cover plate, plastic shell products, injection molding, mold design and manufacturing development, technology innovation, specifically for refinement, order and stability, in the joint efforts of all staff. Next, get the praise in the industry, the business from the initial development of Shenzhen to the world, output is increasing year by year. Is the protective sleeve industry well-known enterprises focus on cooperation in business. Dongguan city Furuiwang Precision Mold Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in March 2017, registered capital of 3 million, with advanced computer gongs machining center, EDM, milling machine, surface grinder, EDM and other high-tech equipment, the design department has independent product development capacity. 30 (Jia Ming, Haitian) new injection molding machine. From the initial more than 10 employees to more than 200 people
TPU+TPE Phone Case

TPU+PE Phone case,All materials are imported raw materials, and have all the advantages of soft and yellow - resistant TPU. Add the back grain and the surrounding TPE pad design, so that the heat dissipation of the shell and the resistance to fall are strengthened.
TPU Phone Cover
0.7mm super thin elegant Mastery
TPU protective shell, imported TPU raw materials, has high permeability, soft, wear-resistant, yellowing resistance and so on. Now TPU protective shell has ultra-thin, clear water sleeve, pudding sleeve, inner and outer air bag anti falling shell, etc..
PC Phone Case
Imported PC raw materials, can adapt to a variety of customer follow-up processes: water paste, IMD, UV, gum, skin and other processes.

TPU+PC protective sleeve

Two in one design, digital process, mold integrated molding. The dual advantage of imported TPU materials +PC backplane combination. Introduction transparent, hidden back shell, bottom PC backplane mirror transparent; soft edge more convenient disassembly, anti-collision, colorful you choose, more fashionable and beautiful!

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